Tree Removal

You can count on Tidd Tree to remove your tree cleanly and safely

Tidd Tree is Expertly Trained to Safely Remove your Tree

The decision to remove a tree, your comfortable, always there and present tree, is not always an easy decision to make. We understand that. However, homeowners and businesses in Kansas City often need to remove trees from their property for several reasons.

Reasons to Remove a Tree

Damage after Storms
Storms can weaken trees. An already compromised tree can often sustain more damage after a storm. Split branches that were present before the storm, can remain on the tree, but the next storm or strong gust of wind can cause those branches to come tumbling down causing damage to life or property. If the damage is extensive, then removing the tree is the best choice.

The Lifespan of the Tree
Landscape trees have a specific lifespan, unlike trees, you find in the forest which has nature as its pruning and removing methods. Landscape trees need to be properly maintained to ensure the health of the tree. If they become compromised, such as splits, pests, or root rot, then the best decision is to go ahead and remove the tree. Sometimes, young trees are planted too close to the home, sidewalk, or other structures without consideration to the future growth or size of the tree. This intrusive growth can and will cause damage, so to help surrounding trees and to ensure the safety of property and life, it is another good reason to remove a tree.

Tree Roots and Safety
Tree roots causing cracked pavement or sidewalks are a safety hazard to all that come near your property. If too many roots are near or above the surface, it is a sign that the tree is not properly anchored into the ground. A fallen tree is most definitely not something you want in your yard, so pay close attention to the roots of your trees. Call us to help you make an informed, expert decision on whether to remove your tree or create a plan for its care.

Tree Planting
Another reason for removing a tree is to make room for new growth. Trees will compete against each other for sunlight and root placement, so it may be a wise decision to remove an older tree to make room for the younger tree to thrive for many more years to come. We recommend the entire removal of the root system of the older tree to make way for root growth of the younger surrounding trees; especially if it has the unfortunate luck of having an infestation of any kind.

Still Unsure?
Let Tidd Tree be your expert tree guidance counselor. We offer free inspections to help you make an informed decision on whether to treat or remove your tree. Contact us today!

If you have specific questions about our tree removal process, please visit our FAQs page.