Tree Trimming

Your trees are the focal point of your yard. Tidd Tree makes sure they stay that way.

Tidd Tree is Kansas City's Expert Tree Trimmer

Tree maintenance in Kansas City is important for the tree’s health and to prevent danger to people and property. This careful, skilled maintenance is based on the techniques of pruning and trimming.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

  • Streamlines the tree’s growth by removing unnecessary branches and roots
  • Promotes a healthier tree with better foliage by cutting out green shoots
  • Encourages the longevity of the tree by regular health and maintenance

Benefits of Tree Trimming

  • Encourages healthy overall tree growth by increasing sunlight access and evening out the density of branch clusters
  • Improves the beauty of the tree through symmetry to help guide the shape and direction of growth
  • Removes any threats to life and property by cutting back threatening branches
  • Eliminates any rotting, dead, or broken branches resulting from infestation or contamination

Trees look better and have far fewer safety concerns when they are properly maintained. You also reduce the chance of fungal diseases, which can always spread from one tree to neighboring trees.

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