Storm Clean Up

Living in the Midwest means frequent large-scale storms. Make Tidd Tree your first choice

Tidd Tree is Fast, Efficient and Ready After a Storm

Severe weather is a fact of life in Kansas City and it can be devastating for your landscape and trees. When heavy rains, wind, snow, or ice occur, they can wreak havoc on your trees and landscape. Tidd Tree can be there to restore your damaged property, including downed limbs, trees, and more. Our certified experts will reshape any damaged trees and handle any necessary tree removal due to storms.

Steps to take after a storm occurs

Check for any downed power lines. 

Do NOT touch or go near the lines and always assume they are “hot” and full of energy that can cause severe injury to persons or property.  Call your local utility company and let them know you have a downed line.  They will show up promptly to take care of a potentially deadly or harmful situation.

Survey the damage. 

Pick up smaller branches and twigs that may have fallen during the storm and reuse them for your firepit, compost pile, or any other recyclable way.  If the branches are hanging from the tree and a ladder is needed to reach them, stop and contact a professional. 

If you can reach hanging branches and can safely cut them from the ground, make sure to first check the tension of the limbs or branches.  Released tension can break free and cause more branches to come tumbling down.  

Inspect your tree for any potential weak spots or rotting, as this is a sign of an unstable tree and a professional should be called. If it is completely safe for you to remove the tree or branches yourself, stop to consider which way they will fall, and remove any obstacles or people that are nearby.

Call Tidd Tree. 

We provide fast, reliable, emergency storm cleanup to restore your property safely and remove any interruptions to your landscape enjoyment.  We know how important it is to return your property to its pre-storm condition, so let us do the hard work. We are committed to freeing you of the stresses caused by storm damage.

Contact us today to clean up your property after a storm.