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Quote Process, Fees & Payment

No, there is no need for you to be present at the time of us quoting a job, or when we come back to trim or remove a tree.  Any questions and/or concerns can be addressed prior to each appointment.  We want to make it easy for you!

We send one of our amazing tree experts out for a free estimate and then email you a quote.  If you accept the quote, we will get you on the schedule for as soon as possible.  People are scheduled in order of quote approval date. If for some reason you do not approve the quote, please give us a call to discuss your concerns..

Once a quote has been approved, you will be scheduled, and once scheduled you will receive an email with your appointment date. We appreciate your patience while we put together schedules for months out at a time. 

The price of tree removal depends on a several factors, such as the height and the diameter of the tree. Other considerations include the condition of the tree, how easily accessible it is, what you’d like done with the trunk and branches after removal, and whether or not you want stump grinding. Charges such as mileage and drive time might also be included, but you’ll know way before we begin any work.

The removal process can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Make no mistake: this work is complex, time consuming, and dangerous. It’s best performed by an experienced arborist such as the team of professionals at Tidd Tree.

Upon completion of the services, Tidd Tree will e-mail you the invoice reflecting all the services completed. The invoices are due upon receipt. We accept Checks and all major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex).

Absolutely you can!  We have teamed up with Wisetack, a  consumer-friendly financing company that makes it easy to afford all your tree services. Financing your tree removal services and creating a payment plan, couldn’t be easier. If this solution might work for you, then please give us a call and we’ll walk you through the steps, or visit them via the link above.

Service Inquiries

Yes, we work all year long!  In fact, some trees such, as Oak trees, need to be trimmed in the winter months to prevent disease that could occur if you trim it in the warmer months. 

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not.

If we have to reschedule your job for any reason we will contact you via email or text to let you know we will either be delayed, or need to reschedule to another date.  If we need to reschedule the job, it will be as soon as we are able to reschedule it. Usually within a few days depending on what the weather event is. 

All trees are not equal.  Smaller trees that do not require as much time or equipment will cost less than trees that are larger.  Larger trees often require climbing and the use of heavy equipment to properly tend to the tree.  

Tidd Tree has several different crews that we may dispatch depending on the services required. For example, the general tree crew will perform the tree removal and pruning services. If there is stump grinding, our stump grinding experts will be dispatched to perform that work, after utilities have cleared the property for grinding. We also have a special “crew member”, Big Bubba, the equipment that picks up and hauls away larger pieces of wood to keep the job clean and tidy. 

Our tree removal technicians use special tools to cut the tree into a series of sections from the top to the bottom. This might be less exciting than a single giant chop at the base of the tree, but much safer. You never know where that tree will land!

At Tidd Tree, we use a crane to remove large trees. That allows us to lift the tree without letting it fall to the ground, thus minimizing risk of damage to your home and property. We also use chippers, and boom trucks to complete our jobs, and we follow the latest industry standards to ensure your safety and ours.

Our chipper holds approximately 10 cubic yards of mulch.

We can’t unload a half-load of mulch, but if we are half-full, then yes, we can unload that. However, if the truck is full, there is no way to dump a portion of the load.  Please note* the person receiving the mulch should understand that there are also yard rankings mixed in with the mulch, such as leaves, twigs, and sometimes even a bit of dirt.

We chip everything 10″ or so and under. The rest is stacked at the curb for the grapple truck to pick up. The grapple truck either picks up the wood the same day or the day after, depending on Tidd Tree job load for that day.

Yes, technically it would be cheaper, however, we typically get a call after “Cut and Leave” jobs are done because if we do a cut and leave job, the wood tends to be a bit bigger than it usually is, and wherever the wood falls is where it gets left. So we tend to have to cut the wood up smaller than we usually would for pick up, which is more work for us.  So in the end, it’s not cheaper, since it’s more time spent and work for us to leave usable wood for the customer. If we have to make a trip back to pick up the wood, the price is more expensive then it would have been if we have taken the wood to begin with, due to price of fuel and time by the crew. In the end, we prefer to haul off the wood unless we know the customer has the means to move the wood on their own.
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