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Tidd Tree is Kansas City's BEST Tree Service Company!

We have had Tidd Tree out to help us identify a tree disease that was spreading throughout our property (20+ trees!).  Chris Tidd not only identified the problem, but was able to help us eradicate the disease.  Thank you Chris!

"Happy Customer"

Competitively Priced, Professional Service

Chris Tidd and his crew are the ONLY people we call when we need tree trimming services.  They are on time, do a fantastic job, and their clean-up is PHENOMENAL. Seriously, they leave no little branches, or piles of leaves in my yard for me to pick up later.  A true class act!

Bob Grady
"Repeat Client"

I recommend Tidd Tree every time!

Seriously, I get so many compliments on the large trees in my yard.  I had out Tidd Tree’s number any time someone asks me about them.  They know what they are doing, and you can count on them to do the best job, every single time.

I recommend Tidd Tree every time!
James Moody
"Satisfied Customer"