Get a head start on your summer tree care by following these expert tips.

Backyard BBQs and enjoying your family outside in the yard means that Summer is approaching.  This also means that now is the time to get your trees ready for the warmer weather.  With a little bit of prep work, your trees can be ready to embrace the heat and provide you with cool shade to comfortably enjoy your family and friends. To help, we’ve put together 3 Expert Summer Tree Tips to get your trees ready for the hotter months.

Summer Tree Tip #1 – Irrigation

During the hot summer months, your trees will be thirsty.  Put together a watering schedule that addresses the needs of each type of tree.  A simple Google search will help you how to determine what each species needs, but a good rule of thumb is to water 5 gallons per 1-inch tree trunk diameter. If you have newly planted trees, then plan on watering twice a week. More established, older trees require less maintenance, but to be sure, check the soil around the base of the tree at least once a week. If the soil is very wet, then allow the moisture to soak in. Conversely, if the soil is dry, it’s time to water.

You’ll want to water slowly and evenly rather than a large gush of water.  Consider a sprinkler or a hose turned on to a low trickle.  The roots are what need the water, so make sure you are watering 2- 3” away from the trunk.

Expert Summer Tree Tip-irrigation for summer months
Irrigation is key during the hot summer months

Summer Tree Tip #2 – Mulch

Think of mulch as a protective covering for the base of your tree that helps retain moisture and keeps the tree cool during the hot summer months.  As an added bonus, mulch adds beauty and texture to your landscape! Select a color that complements your landscape and add 1 – 3” around the base of each tree.  A quick word of caution; keep the mulch about 2 – 3” away from the tree trunk to help keep the base of the tree from rotting and help it remain strong and clear of any potentially dangerous issues.

Expert Summer Tree Tip-Mulching for summer months
Mulch provides extra protection from the heat

Summer Tree Tip #3 – Fertilize

The start of summer is the ideal time to fertilize your trees.  Just like your bushes, flowers, and gardens, trees need some fertilizer love too. Fertilizer helps fight off pests and diseases and promotes new the growth of shoots and leaves. The tree’s roots are what need the extra nutrients, so consider deep fertilizing.  Select a nitrogen-rich mixture of fertilizer for your tree in the early summer months.

Fertilizer is your tree’s friend.

Call Tidd Tree with any questions about preparing your trees for the summer months and these specific 3 Summer Tree Care Tips.  We will happily provide you with expert advice and services to ensure these upcoming summer months are enjoyable for you and your trees.


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