Get a head start on your summer tree care by following these Summer Tree Care Tips.

Backyard BBQs and enjoying your family outside in the yard means that Summer is approaching.  This also means that now is the time to get your trees ready for the warmer weather.  With a little bit of prep work, your trees can be ready to embrace the heat and provide you with cool shade to comfortably enjoy your family and friends. To help, we’ve put together 3 Expert Summer Tree Tips to get your trees ready for the hotter months.

Summer Tree Tip #1 – Irrigation

Let’s discuss watering trees. As the summer heat sets in, your trees will experience heightened thirst due to increased heat stress. Creating a well-structured watering schedule tailored to the needs of different tree types is crucial. Even a simple Google search can help you understand how to cater to the unique requirements of each species. A general guideline is to provide 5 gallons per 1-inch tree trunk diameter. If you’re dealing with young trees that were recently planted, plan to water them twice a week. Older, more established trees need less frequent attention, but regular checks of the soil around their base, at least once a week, are recommended. Adjust your watering strategy based on soil moisture levels; if the soil is very wet, allow time for it to absorb the moisture, and if it’s dry, it’s time to water.

Remember to water slowly and evenly, avoiding excessive water flow. Whether using a sprinkler or a hose set to a gentle trickle, make sure you’re watering approximately 2 – 3” away from the trunk to ensure the roots receive the necessary hydration.

Expert Summer Tree Tip-irrigation for summer months
Irrigation is key during the hot summer months

Summer Tree Tip #2 – Mulch

Think of mulch as a protective shield for the base of your trees that serves to conserve soil moisture and maintain stable soil temperatures throughout the scorching summer months. Beyond its practical benefits, mulch contributes to the visual appeal of your landscape. Choose a color that complements your outdoor space and spread an even layer of 1 – 3” around the base of each tree. However, exercise caution by maintaining a distance of 2 – 3” between the mulch and the tree trunk to prevent the risk of rot and other potential issues.

Bonus Tip: Summer Tree Pruning – Pruning during the summer can be beneficial for your trees’ overall health. Remove any damaged branches that may have occurred during spring storms or due to other factors. Additionally, consider selective summer tree pruning to shape the tree and encourage healthy growth. However, avoid excessive pruning that could stress the tree in the heat.
Expert Summer Tree Tip-Mulching for summer months
Mulch provides extra protection from the heat

Summer Tree Tip #3 – Fertilize

Kick off summer by nourishing your trees. Similar to the attention you provide to your flowers and gardens, remember that your trees also require care. Fertilization not only aids in preventing pests and diseases but also promotes the growth of new leaves and shoots. Pay special attention to the root system when applying fertilizer, opting for a method of deep fertilization. Choose a fertilizer blend rich in nitrogen and apply it to your trees during the early summer months.

By embracing these Summer Tree Care Tips, you not only welcome the joys of the season but also make a significant contribution to the vitality and health of your outdoor space. Through thoughtful care of your trees, early detection of potential problems, and, if needed, consultation with certified arborists, you can ensure your trees thrive amidst the challenges of changing soil temperatures. This proactive approach ensures your trees’ well-being, allowing them to flourish not only during the summer but also in the seasons beyond.

Bonus Tip: Regular Inspection – Take time to inspect your tree thoroughly, looking for signs of disease, pest infestations, or other issues. Early detection is crucial to addressing problems early before they worsen. If you notice any structural weaknesses, consider cabling or bracing to support the tree and prevent potential hazards.

Call Tidd Tree with any questions about preparing your trees for the summer months and these specific 3 Summer Tree Care Tips.  We will happily provide you with expert advice and services to ensure these upcoming summer months are enjoyable for you and your trees.

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